Moon Nectar: Love Thy Self Spell Oil

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Moon Nectar is hand crafted with focused intentions for healing and actualizing optimal physical and spiritual well-being.  Each product contains all natural ingredients from the earth with inspiration from ancient healing practices.

  • Strive to deny social conformity and love the skin you were born in which  attracts that love back!  
  • This oil will help boost self-esteem, and enhance your natural radiance while allowing you to be exactly who you are
  • Massage oil, daily perfume, can be dropped into intention bath while adding the corresponding herbs, foot bath, or while dressing a fixed candle, apply to pulse points, or anoint your heart chakra or make up your own ritual or spell 
  • Ingredients: Garnet gem essence, safflower oil, rose mica pigment oxide, quartz crystal, reiki energized & various essential oils
  • Do not ingest
  • 1oz bottle
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