About Us

To best understand our brand, you must first meet our customer: 

Our maven's day begins with minimal prep work. Her approach to fashion is no-fuss, but always looks thoughtfully put together and accessorized. She goes to sleep with jewelry on and has built a wardrobe that is effortless, colorful and pattern-heavy. 

Their house is a mix of vintage and new with lots of color throughout, sprinkled with sentimental mementos and photographs. She adores wallpaper and has it in many rooms. She's well traveled and picks up vases, rugs, pottery and pillows from the places she visits. She uses color to set her mood for the day. 

If they attend a fancy soiree at night, her outfit is comfortable and chic. She makes a statement when entering a room, but can't be bothered with uncomfortable shoes and clothing she can't dance in. Her wardrobe is full of pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night, often with an easy shoe and accessories swap. 

A facet of her essence is fundamentally nostalgic. She loves the grainy quality of old films. While she appreciates a good nod to the past in fashion, she opts for silhouettes that feel fresh, new, modern and inspired. 

There is a softness in her approach to life. Her closet is full of fabric that drape and flow. She treasures the pieces she's collected over time because of their intentional details and thoughtful design. 

The ODells collection was first launched in 2013 by husband and wife duo Laura and Jason ODell. We are a Los Angeles based brand with a focus on effortless dressing. To us, effortless dressing is a relaxed feeling with an easy vibe. It is that perfect sensation of rocking something utterly comfortable that also perks up your spirit and boosts your confidence. We mix eclectic, original prints with fresh, trend-driven color palates every season to make each piece truly stand out as a garment that is unique from the rest.