Barratt Riley & Co: Citrus Paradisi Salt Scrub (2.5oz)

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Barratt Riley & Co's signature body of work is a collection of handcrafted botanical aromas made of premium ingredients sourced ethically from around the globe. Their aromatic formulations for the home and body appeal to the senses through the profound powers of scent and tactile experience — evoking memories, dreams, and emotions, while transforming physical space.

  • Pink grapefruit, valencia orange, basil
  • Mineral-rich salt crystals from the Dead Sea exfoliate and nourish in concert with our deeply hydrating body oil that softens, smoothes, and firms the skin
  • Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, Pacific sea salt, sweet almond oil, natural fragrance (essential oil blend), vitamin E, organic jojoba oil, rose hip oil
  • Apothecary is final sale

*Consult a physician before using products containing essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, or have 
a medical condition*

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